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"Making Your World A Brighter Place"

Here at Sunny Day Lawns, 

       We are family owned and operated and have been practicing lawn care for over 15 years. We started and named Sunny Day Lawns after our family beagle "Sunny", who we call "Sunny Day".

     We pride ourselves in leaving every lawn we service with the feeling of a happy, refreshed Sunny Day. We understand quality and customer service are crucial aspects to a successful business and with the care and quality that is patented to OUR services, it'll instantly be recognized in a sea of competitors. We have the equipment, knowledge and expertise to patiently handle your lawn care needs so you can relax and enjoy the scenery. Sunny Day Lawns is your solution to a healthier, greener lawn that you can count on.

Backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Currently serving zip codes 27051, 27105 & 27284 of North Carolina.

Join our services NOW  to feel the brightness of our lawns!

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