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Shrub-Hedge TRIMMING


Shrub or Hedge Trimming is the icing on the cake for curb appeal. It can be the final piece to really bring a Sunny Day Lawn together. Not only will it completely change your landscape, but it will prevent weed and disease growth as well as prevent little critters and unwanted pests in those areas.


Tree and shrub maintenance is necessary to protect people and property. Tree limbs and branches need to be kept away from buildings and places where they can be a hazard to the public. Additionally, the tree’s health must be considered. Care is required to encourage flowering or fruit and control growth when necessary. Maintenance is also required around trees and shrubs to clear dead and diseased parts, this discourages pests and encourages healthy growth.

Shrubbery Maintenance Includes: Trimming of any over growth, and dead debris to encourage healthy growth and keep the desired shrubbery shape. Shrubbery Maintenance is encouraged most in the spring to give the shrubbery time to recover and grow fresh foliage. If needed, lighter Shrubbery Maintenance option is also available. Where less shrubbery growth is removed and this can be scheduled anytime from spring to fall. 


Comes With Our 100% Money Back Guarantee!

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